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In 2011, Yaelisa created this first-of-its-kind teaching site as a way to help her local students progress by having more access to daily classes in brazeo, taconeo, marcajes, combinations and each lesson/choreography covers information on the particular cante, study of the phrasing and compás that is so essential to the growth of the flamenco dancer.  After two years online, she has decided to advertise this unique hub, which is a great addition to regular general or private lessons, but delves deeply into elements that some of those classes cannot cover. is a great assistance to students anywhere in the world, or who have limited access to qualified instructors.  Yaelisa's teaching covers every single aspect of learning the art form, a  methodology proven to be successful in 25 years of training, coaching and mentoring flamenco dancers and guitarists.  With the click of a button, you are online and ready to practice!


"Yaelisa's website was a very helpful and convenient way for me to improve my sevillanas from the comfort of my own home. The videos complemented skills I had learned in class, but gave me time to focus on details at my own speed."  - A. Sarakan, San Francisco, California

"'I am so grateful for Yaelisa's online Flamenco classes! Here in Hawaii I have no access to a Flamenco teacher and these online videos are perfect-- making me feel like I am right in the studio with a world class Flamenco performer and teacher.  I am learning new steps, deepening my understanding of compas in various palos and really value the tricks of the trade advice about style and technique. Mahalo for bringing Flamenco to anywhere I go!"  - C. Hemert, Honolulu, Hawaii

" is an invaluable resource, and not only for dance students of all levels.  As a young accompaniest who plays guitar for dance classes, this website has really benefited me.   Yaelisa's clear and thoroughly educated instruction has been the perfect resource to help give me further insight into the material I play for classes, and daily, it helps me become a better accompaniest."  - M. Gault, Adelaide, Australia

"I leaned Sevillanas with Yaelisa's online classes. It was detailed and organized. Showing each step slowly, and it helped me a lot to review Sevillanas before a student show. I could even study late night in my bedroom. I would like to try Bulerias next."  - H. Miyairi, Tokyo, Japan

"A subscription  to Yaelisa's becomes your very own "Yaelisa On Demand"... Private lessons with Yaelisa on your terms - your level, your speed, your available time of day, whenever, wherever ! These are awesome private lessons & Yaelisa is clearly a master teacher of Flamenco !  In every video lesson she is a wealth of knowledge, teaching flamenco from "A to Z" in a way that totally builds on the various concepts & components of this complex art form...all of that & more for just one dollar per day ! Thank you Yaelisa for this wonderful gift."  - V. Korner, Fresno, California

One of the best flamenco websites around. The perfect tool for singers, dancers & guitarists wanting to understand the structure and style of flamenco forms. From basic to advance levels Yaelisa explains and demonstrates each lesson in an easy to understand and structured way. Definitely worth $30 a month!

K.Krebs, Sydney, Australia

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